Lincoln & DadDear Friend,

Many years ago I preached a sermon entitled, “Steps Leading To Salvation.” Though I didn’t know it, it became the seed for the evangelistic booklet, Step Up To Life. Beginning with the first edition in 1971, it has been printed in over 50 languages.

Chuck Colson’s* concern was ours. He stated that for every 100 people making decisions for Christ, only two may return for follow-up a few days later. George Barna** says that the majority of people (51% minimum) making decisions, leave the church in 6-8 weeks. Step Up To Life speaks to this problem by not only informing the mind, but discovering where the heart is, so a reality-based commitment can be made. Our instructional material explains this more fully.

I have pastored small to very large churches. By God’s grace, our last church grew from 40 people to over 3,000 with a Christian school of over 600 students, a missionary budget over $500,000 and help given to over 170 nations. All of our churches were built on the truths found here as a foundation.

I want to thank you for your interest in this material. All proceeds will go back towards the expansion of SUTL (non-profit) ministry. One great way to help us is to recommend this material to a friend. Thank you in advance for your help. God bless you as you help others to Step Up To Life.



Elmer Murdoch, Founder

*Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship
**George Barna, George Barna Research Institute



Thank you for visiting the Step Up To Life website. We’re honored that you’d “stop in” to learn more about this ministry. We welcome you to look around and see what resources are available to you to equip you in your spiritual journey and to prepare you to share the love of God effectively with others. It’s hard to believe that in the last 10 years, over seven million Step Up To Life booklets of various kinds and languages have been distributed world-wide. We thank the Lord for this and invite you into this exciting adventure. Check out the various languages we have of the booklet and also the interactive game app called, “Life’s A Jungle.” Please let us know if you have any questions or how we might serve you.Thanks again so much!Sincerely,

mur_sig   Lincoln Murdoch, Executive Director

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