It is hard to know exactly how many people Pastor Elmer Murdoch has effectively ministered to over the years.

If we tried to count the full-time and part-time ministers, missionaries and Christian workers that have either been raised or nurtured through his ministry, it would likely be impossible.

Only a few of us will ever have the rare opportunity to be blessed, inspired and transformed by the Holy Spirit through what the Lord imparted into Pastor Murdoch.

But there is a way to extend the reach and impact of his ministry.

The ELMER MURDOCH LEGACY FUND was created to help Elmer’s vision of seeing Step Up To Life reach around the world – bringing people to saving faith, and equipping others to effectively communicate the message of SUTL.

If God has blessed you financially, you could actually partner with Pastor Elmer by giving to the fund!

How the Elmer Murdoch Legacy Fund works:

A Contribution of at least $10,000 qualifies you to be an EMLF Partner.

You do not need to contribute the total amount now. We are currently allowing people to give over a 3-year period for a total of $10,000.

When you become an official EMLF Partner, we will recognize you officially on the website, at all future SUTL events, and include you on our partners newsletter, special insider ministry updates, and other private meetings that we are for our board, and staff.

Help Extend Pastor Elmer’s Legacy!